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Here at Alrameem Interior and Landscaping LLC, our number one focus is the provision of quality and care to every project we work on. We treat each customer on a personal basis, and we work intricately to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.

We come with an educational and work background from places such as Denmark, Norway and here in the UAE.

Our work ranges from landscaping to architectural design to interior decoration design as well as supervision and management of projects and taking care of the paperwork involved as well.

We have worked on businesses, offices, houses, restaurants, hotels, shops, hospitals and a whole host of other things. Our work also includes interior decoration of villas, apartments and offices, and more.

For us the customer’s input is our number one priority ensuring the final product is of excellent quality and is representative of what the customer desires.


Alrameem Interior & Landscaping L.L.C is an architect firm with education degree from Denmark. That to develops and markets board systems in conference rooms, office – and villa, with more where function, quality and design are crucial parameters.

Alrameem develop and market products with a high design value within visual communication, acoustics and guards for all kinds’ plans. “

Alrameem is an Interior & Landscaping architecture firm where range and suppliers are carefully selected so that we can offer a large selection of quality products for the design of all kinds of businesses, offices, houses, restaurant’s, hotel’s, shop’s, hospital’s and institutions.

Alrameem offers complete interior, swimming pool and landscaping solutions and do like the task manageable for customers designing proposals and samples of fabrics, materials and furniture-covered task.

With us, no job is too small or too large.

At Alrameem are the key words dedication and a high level of personal service. We are always based on each client’s specific needs and requirements and with over many years of experience in architectural designing, decoration, supervision & fit out we can provide our customers with the necessary skills and the ability to propose a creative and different solution if necessary.

We always strive to offer quality products at a competitive price. In addition, at the agreed time.


The company’s areas of work include:

  • Space Planning for office, homes, restaurants, hotels and hospitals Interior
  • Landscaping, garden and swimming pools Design
  • Approval drawings works to municipality and developer
  • Fit- Outwork
  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Maintenance & Painting
  • New Fittings of Wiring & Equipment
  • Plumbing, Drainage & Water Supply
  • Fire fitting & Fire alarm works
  • Flooring (Tiles, Marble, Wooden)
  • Gypsum Partition & Ceiling

Alrameem architectural firm has close working relationships with engineers and other consultants to handle both large and small tasks quickly and efficiently.
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